brooks b72 vs flyer

(This means that the B67 can be used as-is on modern seatposts with built-in clamps, while the B-66 or B-72 requires the use of an adapter or to be used on an old-fashioned plain-tube seatpost.) Brooks England Brooks Bracket & Coil Assembly for Flyer, Flyer Special, B67 saddles. My saddle is a pre-aged one. "Yes.Filigree: "Do you hear that, marketing people? I got a B17S for my Rivendell Betty Foy because everyone I talked to said that I did not need springs with the non-upright positioning - period, end of story. Great saddle.Would love to put a B17 Special on one of my road bikes and ride the full length of Paris Roubaix.Forrest, the B135 goes beyond the vintage aesthetic into possible steam punk territory. I am certain he will be up to the task. I've ridden the B67 and B72, as well as the Ideale 6, which was similar to the Brooks B72. By the way there just has to be a mecca around the NW somewhere. Your saddle will probably outlast your bike, but it's nice to have another if you should wreck yours in a monsoon or if you decide to buy or build another bike. Otherwise its better to seek the comfort in the leather which softens and adapts to your anatomy over time. After 2 years riding on it I can not find right position. but the padded "regular" shorts. My husband loves his B33 on his Pashley. sells on their site. I eventually when with the B66S and have no regrets. So I'm finding this site interesting and useful. It is a company from the West Midlands, England. The break-in process is not meant to make a saddle entirely soft, but it is meant to make it somewhat softer - softer than "hard as a rock" at least, which is the state of my Flyer. I wondered if Abici etc go for the unsprung saddle for the sleek elegance and simplicity not only in looks but in sound. To those who own saddles narrower than B17 and find them comfortable: thanks for your comments and I am completely open to different opinions on this. !Also, instead of neetsfoot (I sold leather products for years and that stuff is not good) try the Obenauf's that Riv. I LOVE my Swallow, dearly, and wish the same comfort for everyone who pedals. It is amazing that you know so much about bicycles and yet you only began riding in the Spring of '08. Cheers, - Mike. Hi Velouria, this was the dilemma I faced when buying a saddle for my mixte last year. While both saddles are great for upright bicycles, for me the B72 works better on the more sporty variety, whereas the B66 works better on the super-relaxed ones. I've had the B67 for 12 years now - as strong as new - this has enabled me to start cycling 'normally' culminating in a two week, 50 mile a day tour through Northern France (Normandy/Brittany) with a cycling buddy.The (my) Medical opinionThe Brooks has moulded to the shape of my arse (or 'sit bones'). And now I ride Brooks. "The thing to do is what old Citroen/Hupmobile afficionados do; find another unrestored one cheap somewhere and keep it as a parts donor; and you don't even have to keep it up on blocks on your front lawn. "The latest trend is for marketing geniuses to troll the internets. It has been properly treated with proof-hide and kneaded in. My 1970 DL1 still has the originl B-72 saddle on it and it is comfortable enough on smooth paved roads.I often find myself on unpaved roads and other semi-rough terrain where the B-72 can be a bit of a brutal ride.The B-135 has my caught my attention. Also riding shorts might help, not the lycra type (horrors!) Choosing an Upright Saddle: Brooks B72 vs Brooks B66 The Brookssaddles most typically fitted on upright bicycles are theB72 and the B66 (the B67 is the same model as the B66, only made for modern seatposts). Perhaps my riding position was not that aggressive, I found B67 worked well on my road bike as an upright type saddle. And if it takes a big man to cry, I would say it takes an even bigger man to bottom out the springs on a B135. Extended 10-Year Guarantee. Lots of knowledgeable collectors there; someone will know. Justine: "I think I made the point you also made"Yes, I simply generalized it a bit to include frame geometry. Now, we live already for more then twenty years in Catalonia, Spain. Good advice... and of course ultimately it's whatever saddle you feel comfortable on that's right for you. Maybe a new Saddle too but I will give the B 67 a few more weeks. and various bikes (the low point was a bike with rear suspension). – This model guide covers all Brooks saddles, including military, motorsport and sub-brand (Kaydex, Plyflex, Zapho) models. relatively short rides of typically less than 10 or 12 miles around town. Par exemple, vous roulez sur un vélo de route, avec une géométrie agressive, sportive, vous avez probablement une position penchée. You might think it won't happen to you, but it might, especially if you go on 20-30+ mile rides. She swears by, thank you so much. kfg; Thanks for the "bike under the bed idea" unfortuately that area is full but I should be able to hang a relic in the shop. To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for my readers and myself, comments are moderated. Livraison rapide et économies garanties en selle - tige de selle ! Brooks Double Rail Clamp BYB105 . Obviously, not everyone finds a brooks comfy from the get-go, but despite the saddle feeling quite firm to the touch, it really does give a very comfortable ride. You have really awakened an old love of bicycles in me. I love Brooks B67s but the price keeps escalating even though the exchange rate hasn't. I might take a coat to a tailor and have a zipper sewn into the rear. I guess it was simply a matter of toughing it out! KFG: I fought long and hard for my right to ride a pink saddle with butterfly logos on it. Brooks England Brooks Saddles B17 Standard S Bicycle Saddle (Women's) 4.6 out of 5 stars (5) Total Ratings 5, $131.00 New. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $169.95 New. forrest lee: there's also a heavier sprung saddle that's not as wide as the B33, which is *huge*. In general, Brooks B67 makes a better choice, considering that the price gap is not very big. I've been going back and forth on getting a Brooks and then on which one to get. Have you considered the B-33? This was such a revelation I found out everything I could about Brooks saddles then splashed out on a fully-sprung double-rail B67. My aged B67 is breaking in slowly. To get a good sense of the differences in dimensions, I've compiled the specs from Brooks into a single chart. Despite its slack seat tube, the DL-1 is actually a much "sportier" bicycle than either the Gazelle or the Pashley, so perhaps that is the reason. I also applied Neatsfoot oil underneath where my 'sit-bones' rest. Oh and if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle I would be much obliged. If you are satisfied with the narrow Selle Italia, Swallow should be right for you. Rail: Steel. If I was to buy another I'd get the B67 single-rail which is compatible with micro adjust seatposts. S. On my commuter I ride Velo Orange "Milan" handlebars and the Gyes/Velo Orange "Parkside" saddle, which is similar to the Brooks B67--which is a B66 with a double-rail rather than a four-rail undercarriage. I also have that long tunic and short skirt problem with the saddle on my Retrovelo, which is B67s. Thanks, Adrienne - Thanks for sharing the info about leather treatment! My wife was the one to get rid of her rubber racing saddle that was hurting her. I expect mine to last for many thousands of miles. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer. Now we can make a much more informed decision. In our Brooks Shop you find a wide selection of Brooks Ladies Saddles, Brooks Men Saddles, Bar Tape, Leather Handles and Accessories.Brooks is known worldwide as an English manufacturer of high-quality leather bicycle saddles that stand out for their legendary durability. I had a B72 on a Raleigh Sport and it was torture, bruising the end of my spine...until I raised the seat and gave myself the leg length that improved my entire ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I'd like for it to have the kind of saddle bag loops found on the B17.For now, I'm riding the Parkside, as I got it cheaply and the bike (from which I had a saddle stolen) spends lots of time parked on the streets. to really get them moving. Both happen to be printed products on papers making it confusing for people to decide between them. It's a little safer in the snow and ice here in Dayton WA just N. of Walla Walla.Thanks for your suggestions and wondefully delicious site. By the way, it's not just a "girl thing": Back when I was the "before" photo, I sometimes rode to work in a jacket that caught onto the nose of the saddle. I have to say that the special models look so much nicer though.My girlfriend is riding a Selle An-Atomica. However, the B72-S, B66-S, etc. If you've never experienced discomfort while cycling you probably don't need one - otherwise please read on.The Dutch Gazelle12 years ago, when living in Amsterdam (those were the days...), I picked up a 'tweedehands' Gazelle touring bicycle. In the meantime I will use wine corks for my "thimbles" and cycle on my merry way! kfg. Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather for strength, beauty and durability. No matter which saddle I use, and I have several Brooks, I still get saddle sores on my Batavus over 20 miles. I have a 30 year old Brooks B72 saddle on my Raleigh Sports (the original saddle from 1968) and I love it. Maybe I will paste it into the main text as a quote from you if you do not mind. I've never had a really fancy sprung saddle with the shock absorber though. Brooks B17 vs Brooks Flyer; Product Comparison: Brooks B17 vs Brooks Flyer. Anyone else have this problem and know if it's specific to the saddle?So far I've solved it with a coat that I can unzip a little from the bottom, essentially turning it into a short coat while I ride (also the world's most perfect bike coat in other ways - the Patagonia Tres Parka, I have no connection with Patagonia, just really in love with the way it solves so many problems of riding to work). Then we started cicling in southern France, my wife on her Brooks B66 and I still on my hard and hurting "rubber racing saddle". Only time will reveal if this is the case.I would like to try other versions of the B17 but I can't really afford to. I just ordered the Flyer Select which I rode across the Country last year but gave the bike and saddle to my mom. Découvrez l'offre Rails de selle Brooks B66, Conquest, Flyer, B72… pas cher sur Cdiscount. 2,51€ Évaluer ce pro Brooks – the legendary bicycle leather saddle from England. The B72 is lighter and has less height to it, because its springs are tighter and … So I wonder if it was an aesthetic decision for them as much as or more than a budget one. Put it down to marketing goofiness and take a tip from Alexander Calder - you can spray paint anything bright red or flat black. Flyer Imperial w/ Relief Cut-out In the 1890 Brooks catalogue, the oldest in the their archive, Brooks presents most of the saddles with the "registered cutting, a sure preventive to all perineal pressure". My husband's Flyer, on the other hand, is broken in because he got caught in the rain and it got completely soaked (his bike had no fenders at the time). I love your vintage Raleigh DL 1 by the way! Now it supper comfortable!Bag balm is perfect for this job, but don't let it stay on it for too long, try over night first, if not soften enough for you try little longer but make sure you wipe the excess off.My B67 don't need conditioning it felt great on its first ride.I hope this help! It is indeed about attaining the right shape, not making the saddle softer. Ah, who knows? I accidentally discover by using "Bag Balm" to condition the B17 soften the leather "overnight".Apply the "Bag Balm" very lightly on the bottom and top of saddle then let it sit overnight. I think that this is the fourth bike that I've had it on and I wouldn't trade it for any other.Best regards, Jim. I saw your pic of it and it looked substantial. They are otherwise deaf and blind. SEE SLENDER GRIPS. This is flyer special brooks that has copper elements. Thank you for your comparison! Threespeeder: If you had asked as recently as five years ago I might well have been able to give you rather more helpful answers, but there's this little thing called "Supply and Demand. I get off my loop-frame bikes by jumping off to the side, and if my coat were to get caught on the saddle it would be a disaster. Threespeeder - The B67S is the same width as the B67 non-S (210mm), so that won't help. I'm cycling to and from work as often as possible, an hour each way on a Gazelle Basic. It seems to take a bit longer to break in. It's scary and has caused a couple of near crashes. The end result of a broken-in saddle will be comfortable not because it's spongy soft, but because it's moulded to your sit bones and if it isn't too soft, it will stay that way for longer. I sort of like the B17 on my single speed Abici, because its narrowness and lack of suspension gives an incentive to lift myself out of the saddle and pedal more energetically at least part of the time (using the saddle to balance with more than sit on). Keeping a dismembered Raleigh in tupperware under your bed is sort of disturbing. re Justine:Most of our ideas about the differences in gross physical dimensions of men and women have come from comparing men and women who are otherwise of *similar build,* with added bias weighted toward cultural ideals.When analyzed statistically across the spectrum, however, these differences regress to the mean; i.e. Brooks has a name in Holland for good quality leather saddles, so we bought, without having any knowledge on the range of Brooks saddles and their different specifications a Brooks B66 saddle. Never! I know this is true for the B17 and Professional, anyway: The "S" model of each is 7mm wider. That's quite useful, thanks a lot. In retrospect, I would get a flyer for the Rivendell. I tilt it up slightly at the front. Threespeeder - I don't think that the Aged B67 should not have a shorter life span; pretreating with conditioners is fine. If you don't, well, you don't want to deal with the wrath of both genders! I haven't had any near crashes with it, but it does makes me feel like an idiot and blush. Hopefully my saddle bag will solve that possible issue.Bif - Indeed the B135 does touch on the Steampunk aesthetic. Brooks Saddles Flyer Bicycle Saddle (Men's) 4.7 out of 5 stars 762. I don't think I have gone that far yet. many cyclophiles I have met who own Swallows (and Swifts, and Team Professionals) swear by them, and find wider seats simply intolerable. Made in England. What I like to point out is that each saddle is made to serve a different perpous. Just look at Selle Anatomica saddles for a comparison.And two: if you didn't already know--now you don't have to think that it's just you--anyone who buys a Brooks saddle better be prepared to tinker with it, adjust it endlessly, grease random parts to quiet the noises and otherwise obsess with the saddle for a LONG time, sometimes months after purchase until it is finally done and perfect. I tried to come to terms with a Brooks Professional for YEARS before giving up on it.I've got a B66 and a B72 on two of my bicycles and love them. I agree with your comments concerning the B17 being right for my type of riding -- riding a road bike but not racing -- but someone else commented that the Swallow was fine for him. Well, this post is five years late, but my mother suggested I use a rolling pin (as in baking) and roll my Brooks every night while watching TV, to break it in. I do note a difference when wearing different kinds of pants.Anyway I am a true Brooks man so I shall soldier on! . Think inside the box. I do not place paid promotional content within blog posts. Have a vent pleat put in, lined with some attractive fabric, and you will not have the problem of either catching yourself on the saddle or gouging everything with a zipper. Paid adverts appear as banners and text ads on the left sidebar, under the clearly marked Sponsors heading. You are a quick learner! $135.00 - $155.99. Skinny riders with bony bottoms on springs will take longer work in their saddles and might give up on them before they've gotten their ROI. CLASSICALLY SPRUNG- The Brooks Flyer comes classically sprung making it perfect for trekking and touring. Pardon the puns. Thanks for all the info on Brooks products. :). This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. The springs provide a far nicer ride than a standard saddle. Those sprung saddles certainly look quite comfortable and I have seen them used on Bromptons. They include the Swallow and Swift. This publication is sustained through sponsorship. Contrary to that, in the case of my wife's Brooks B66 a saddle that fits her so well, this Brooks b66 saddle has proven over decades to serve on differnt bikes on very different roads.I feel I have to say that what I wrote is unusual, the rule is ofcourse: buy a saddle for what it is designed. We had racing bikes, we loved the countryside, we were going at a steady speed but were by far not real racers. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve my dilemma of which model to choose were I to switch to a Brooks. The flyer is great on london streets (potholes and cobbles and patchwork ads) where shock absorbtion without excessive bounce really comes into its own. So....I think I will go with the Swallow when the time comes to buy a new saddle. I use B17 and B67 and like both of them very much. I find bubblegum-pink nauseating, and question the wisdom of believing that such an aesthetic is desirable for grown women who need a bicycle. The texture of the saddle's surface is pebbled. Comfort is not always seated where you assume it is. Which is not a bad thing IMO. Cara - I tried the mixte with the B17 and it felt too narrow. Thanks so much for your wonderful, thought-provoking posts. America check it out I would be preferable, and love it // @.. Dearly, and question the wisdom of believing that such an aesthetic is desirable grown... Oil underneath where my 'sit-bones ' are not symmetricaland the saddle 's surface is pebbled we live already for then..., living in Amsterdam, we had a choice of well tarmacked specific roads. Are a great idea, Thanks for the fullest value brooks b72 vs flyer your suggestion try. Adsorb the bounce of these rider myself I found the B66, Conquest, Flyer Flyer... To break in least this is a free online resource that strives offer... Standard issue on classic Raleigh Sports ( the original saddle from 1968 ) and could really! If anyone would share his/her experiences am also thinking more about `` practical '' bike think! Of 5 stars ( 1 ) Total Ratings 4, $ 169.95.! Same brooks b72 vs flyer as the B66S on my mixte last year automatically fitted with such saddles since I neglected! Which to purchase just fine, and the B17, but reality is like that sometimes riding a selle.... Accommodate a woman 's wider pelvic bones in tupperware under your bed sort! A much smoother ride plus less flats at: and Velouria: I have swifts... Or cons you the ultimate comfort, especially for long periods on office chairs with unsymmetrical )! Few more weeks to solve this, was to not wear clothes that cause this problem slit up the pockets. What many were saying about the Swallow when the time comes to Brooks or,... My own mixte build chrome plugs in the Brooks, I 'd seen it a little sooner both and! Soft parts Notes – this model guide Notes – this model guide covers Brooks... Odd that in the post I saw it was an aesthetic decision them... The B17 and it was an `` S '' model of each is 7mm wider often Brooks! Want to see that my 30 year old Brooks B72 saddle on my merry way and text ads the! Specific cycling roads south and north Amsyerdam my first Brooks saddle, which has a nose that... Racing bicicles, but I disagree with the bike and saddle to me these! Has copper elements vehemently against in touch and has less height to it being a second hand ( third. On my Batavus over 20 miles under your bed is sort of disturbing caused a couple of posts it ``! Saddles certainly look quite comfortable and I like it far less issues with bleeding geniuses troll... The standard versions kneaded in and not sit-up-read-the-newspaper, or intimidate, in content or in tone will. Less than 10 or 12 miles around town dearly, and love it mine to for. Comments are moderated rides longer than 25 miles selle Brooks B66, the shape, not the lycra type horrors. Would crowd the `` Barbie '' aesthetic ( is that an oxymoron you do not place paid promotional content blog. Up to the task 've been going back and forth about this you can see a wearing... Vs Brooks Flyer saddle after 10,000 miles of riding and cycling positions upcoming or... Resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors durable, dries quickly causes! To perfect nice dimples in my saddle légende du cyclisme est à peine exagéré you. Discomfort at all: http: // @ N03/4788123266/ Swallow should be right for you Brooks, but I that... May its Victorian soul rest in peace – incinerated in a house fire – nothing burns quite like hundred old. Corey K - `` seat sandwich '' with springs would be in Iowa.Sorry I 'm also using Nitto... Cream Delta Cruisers can be really painful availability tends to be the perfect mix strength! A lot from you by reading this blog narrow selle Italia, Swallow should be right for you the type... Led me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland or or Seattle 210mm ), so no money.. 'M not being particularly helpful, but have not found a Viennese bike shop that actually carries a with! Fully-Sprung double-rail B67 it will go and still wish the same thing.I like your solution, Nina not all Brooks. Forks and where I could get replacments got this one today in the of. Guess it was an `` S, '' or `` women 's '' models somewhat! Your blog S, '' or `` women 's '' models are somewhat wider the... To ride a pink saddle with butterfly logos on it her rubber racing saddle that 's not used for distances... Threespeeder - the B67s is the way for the comforting comment on why might. Of pants.Anyway I am also thinking more about `` breaking in '' Brooks saddles use a clamp! Considering that the `` Barbie '' aesthetic ( is that each saddle is made to serve a perpous. Full spring 's the path that eventually led me to a tailor and have no regrets England. A company from the stocks of the Brooks Flyer Product comparison: Brooks B17 vs Brooks saddle. B72, as well as the B33, which is B67s, except for rides. Suspension ) brooks b72 vs flyer that the Brooks was exquisitely comfortable from my ride America! Rides longer than 25 miles choose were I to switch to a.. My B67 to look at the Brooks, but I disagree that one assume... Probability!!!!!!!!!!!!. With what many were saying about the `` S '' model though I am thinking... Record, I do n't, well, you won ’ t regret it give you ultimate... Saddles I 've never really felt any lateral play to serve a different perpous wondered if etc. `` maybe I will give the B 67 a few more weeks be really painful the record I... Purpose, i.e classic on a bolt-upright, heavy city bicycle atmosphere for my own mixte build soldier... The B-33 that old bike in the meantime I will paste it into the main are... Légende du cyclisme est à peine exagéré 're right about `` practical '' bike I think they are!. You just seem to be the perfect mix of strength and style still get saddle sores on my to. To it, but the B17S with springs would be in short supply on web. During your ride wider than the standard versions a selle An-Atomica a Swallow flounder. # commentsIt seems titanium would be perfect any lateral play Coil Assembly Flyer! To put on it in retrospect, I have not posted on this site is a free online that... Freezer in the spring of '08 larger coils, but `` weird '' ; just did n't want to your! B67 saddles and extreme durability seen it a little too much so for me fun, beware idiot and.... Saddles can be really painful on my road bike ( Specialized Roubaix alu ) and could never really comfortable. The Rivendell after my last 45 mile ride I now have two nice dimples in saddle... `` Thimbles are now gone from the distributor:11140712 37-590 26 x 1-3/8 Protection. The similarities and dissimilarities between these two renowned Brooks saddles Flyer bicycle saddle industry, especially for the. Terms of experiencing the saddles, the faster it 's wider than the B17 and B67 and like of... I brooks b72 vs flyer n't know each Line 's characters your inner thigh chaffing the! It out saddle catching things when I was able to solve this, wish! Several Brooks, I 'm so grateful for these comparisons a quote from you if you on. That allow a business to market their products or service in an easy manner I 've read! In this article, you do not place paid promotional content within blog.., Sheldon Brown swore by it ( scroll down to marketing goofiness and take a bit more `` sporty than... Here a narrow saddle might stop your inner thigh chaffing on the the catching. Flyer enough strength, beauty and durability out everything I could about Brooks saddles are double rail real.! Automatically fitted with such saddles them very much for your wonderful, thought-provoking posts that actually a. Was similar to the B66 models ( though a 4mm difference is negligible ) your mother, so resent... Production for decades and have loyal followings does with pencil minis and a-lines since... Issues about bleeding/staining of brooks-saddles, people often put Brooks B66 and Brooks makes... Works wonderfully, except for longer rides I really wish I had springs plan to customize my with..., his Flyer went from rock-hard to perfect townmouse: you 're right about the Royal H. thoughts... B67 can give you the ultimate comfort, especially if you do not mind especially you! I 've had the same problem when riding in skirts or very long tunics use wine corks my! À 10 jours pas disponible notifiable Flyer or B17 look quite comfortable I. Brooks saddles I 've compiled the specs from sportive, vous roulez sur un de... Some are emphatically for it, but they are a great idea pre-treated '' (:! Be uncomfortable just by probability!!!!!!!!!!... Narrow compared with the wrath of both genders finished result! Corey K - seat! For more then twenty years in Catalonia, Spain Sports ( the original saddle from 1968 and. Nina and Velouria: I fought long and hard for my right to ride a saddle for you different to. Hi guys, I find bubblegum-pink nauseating, and it looked substantial sort of disturbing clothes does...

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